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Uganda Hackerspace

Our makerspace in Jinja, Uganda is funded by the hacker community and provides free advanced instruction and resources for budding technologists. We teach robotics, design, programming and much more. Although it has been funded by the hacker community since 2015, we are seeking corporate donors to continue the funding of this terrific project. The annual operating costs for the hackerspace alone is approximately $5,000.

A group of local high school students and university-age young adults has taken an intense interest in advanced technology study and has founded a competitive robotics team based in our hackerspace. Take a moment to visit their self-built webpage:

J-Robotics Web Site

To learn more about our hackerspace, read the stories below, or to get involved, please join our community.

Tales from our hackerspace

1505, 2018

Our robotics team at GISUTECH Competitions – Uganda

May 15, 2018|Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace|

The Ugandan Computer Training Center and Hackerspace are 100% funded by our community at a total cost of only $10,000 per year! We are seeking sponsors to help us keep the facilities open. Please consider donating! The Galaxy International School Uganda National Robotics and Technology Competition was held on April [...]

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