The Ugandan Computer Training Center and Hackerspace are 100% funded by our community at a total cost of only $10,000 per year! We are seeking sponsors to help us keep the facilities open. Please consider donating!

The Galaxy International School Uganda National Robotics and Technology Competition was held on April 27th and 28th in Kampala, Uganda, and some of the students we mentor in the Hackers For Charity hackerspace (Jinja, Uganda) participated. Our students demonstrated a Lego “Sumo”, a line follower, a custom mobile app, and an Arduino project.

The Lego “Sumo” project, created by our students Picavet and Joshua, won a gold medal! In addition, Pius and Isaac won silver for their Arduino project and the students involved in all the other projects won bronze medals.

I’m so proud of our students. Their hard work and dedication has really paid off. Thank you to the hacker community and donors and sponsors that have helped us fun the Computer Training Center and hackerspace. Your donations are making a huge difference for these super cool and bright kids!

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