We installed a massive ncomputing system in Iganga, Uganda, East Africa this month. At 24 stations, it’s our largest installation to date. We cut their costs in half with our solution and after this install, we will concentrate on repairing their old machines, improving their Internet connection and training their staff and students.

This was also our largest RACHEL installation to date.

Much more info and photo gallery after the break.

We’re really excited about deploying RACHEL which includes:

Khan academy video tutorials
– An offline copy of Wikipedia
– A large collection of books from Project Gutenberg
– Books from CK12, Hesperian and others
– Training material from Goodwill Foundation (GCF)
– Medical encyclopedias and training and much more

We are perfectionists about our nComputing installations, as you can see from the photos. We like our cables hidden, the machines up off the floor, and everything looking neat. These machines are in a really harsh environment so we try to give them a fighting chance with a tight install and proper training in care and maintenance. We’ve also locked down the machines so that every reboot brings the system back to the installed state.

David and Gerald helped me out with the install and were invaluable in making this project happen.