I worked with Bobby Garner from Kibo Group (link) on a submersible well camera last week. His existing camera rig wouldn’t go deep enough so I helped extend the range. Lots of solder and splicing and hacking ensued and the result is a camera that will get about 100 feet into a flooded borehole to assess problems.

Engineers can charge thousands of dollars for this service, which is a shame because these donated wells provide clean drinking drinking water to thousands in the villages who can not afford the expense, and clean drinking water is really critical to life in the villages. Too many die from water-borne illnesses.

This open source solution will be made available to partners who hold the best interest of those that need it most. We will offer to loan, help build, maintain and run these cameras as needed.

Unfortunately, the camera didn’t go deep enough for this well. I’m working on a 200′ solution that we will donate to kibo. I’ll pick up the gear next weekwhule I’m in the States.

Stay tuned.

KiBO Kam Prototype and Testing from Kibo Group on Vimeo.

KiBO Kam 7000 from Kibo Group on Vimeo.