We have worked with Children of Grace (link) for quite awhile. This week we trained more than 30 of their kids in our computer training center. They were all Senior students (high school equivalent) with limited computer training. We provided classes in typing, Microsoft Word and Excel and gave them free time at the machines to play around. The training lasted for three days and along with our other students really packed the place. The first set of pictures show our center which is completely packed out with students. You’ll see our staff members Teo, Andrew and Gerald hard at work helping instruct and assist the students.

We also worked in the COG office. Their office is very modern, with new furniture and equipment, but it’s also one of the more complex setups we’ve worked with here in Uganda. We helped them troubleshoot some network problems and updated the high-speed Internet setup which we installed a few months ago. The last two photos gives you an idea of the setup we’re supporting for Children of Grace.

Even though they’ve had a few hiccups, they are very happy with their office setup and we’re happy to support them in their mission to assist the vulnerable children here in Uganda.