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Disaster Relief Entries From Our Blog

Thank you ShmooCon 2022!

April 17, 2022|Afghan Refugees, ShmooCon|

While this update is long delayed, it isn't without a deep respect for both Bruce and Heidi Potter who never cease to amaze me with their conference and generosity. After years apart, ShmooCon 2022 once again balanced the chaos of this world with the necessity to embrace all that life throws at us. THANK YOU for stepping out in faith!

Afghan Refugee Assistance: A much longer road…

February 18, 2022|Afghan Refugees, Disaster Relief, Education, Hackers For Charity|

Now free, all they ask for is the ability to provide for their family and pursue their new lives. Unfortunately, even the best intentions result in failures. Some refugee families are still living in hotels. Imagine going on vacation with your family and living in a hotel room for months and months. Children’s bed times, food prep, proximity…can you sense the emotions?

Virtual Afghan Summit

February 8, 2022|Afghan Refugees, Disaster Relief, Hackers For Charity|

On February 6th, HFC attended the Afghan Summit hosted by United Nations Association of the National Capital Area Chapter and Luminus Network for New Americans. As you watch this summit, you will get an introduction to inclusion and Afghan cultural competency, as well as hear firsthand about the current and future needs of recently arrived Afghans in Maryland.

Afghan Refugee Assistance: First Efforts

January 25, 2022|Afghan Refugees, Disaster Relief, Hackers For Charity|

While our efforts in Uganda have continued through the pandemic, we've also been busy here in the US. In August 2021, the world watched the tangled situation in Afghanistan. The United States (US) State Department, under a program called “Operation Allies Welcome,” granted about 74,000 refugees with Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) because of their selfless assistance to the US which put them in extreme danger from the Taliban.

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