You can help!

Many families left with barely the clothes on their back. Given our partnership with other charities and ministries, we are focused on technology solutions:

  1. Our current identified need is for 20 laptops (includes one mouse and protective case). Click here to donate via Amazon Smile and ship the actual donated equipment to one of our team members who will hand deliver them to the refugee families.
  2. If you would rather give a cash donation, use our PayPal link.

Afghan evacuee Munir Ahmad Sadaqat, left, talks with fellow evacuee Niamatullah Armani, right, with his two girls Jalwa, 3, left, and Tajala, 2, inside Armani’s extended-stay hotel room. About 40 Afghan families who were evacuated from Kabul have been staying at their Baltimore-area hotel since early October. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

We met Munir Ahmad Sadaqa at the hotel a couple days ago. He and his brother were translators for the US Marines and other Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan. “More than six months we have been out of our country. Our heart is broken. We left half of our family in Afghanistan,” Sadaqa said.

We discussed their situation over Afghan tea and figs. He let us know that there are currently about 10,000 Afghan refugees living in the Maryland. Under their SIVs, they are allowed to work in the US for up to two years and then must depart the US or request asylum.

“We need our documents. We should get a home. I want to put my daughter into school. I need good work because I was an interpreter with the U.S. Marines.”

Munir and his brother assist many of the refugee families and we have initially donate two new laptops. They will use them to maintain contact with their family members still in Afghanistan, coordinate on work identification cards, and help other refugee families do the same.

Join the cause!  There is ample support in clothing and food at the moment. The current need is technology to enable communication with family, coordination on their documentation, and job hunting. We are accepting donations of 20 laptops (each with mouse and case). To donate, we setup an Amazon wish list that identifies current needs and makes it easy to donate. If you have other ideas, please email us at info <at>