On February 6th, we participated in a Virtual Afghan Summit hosted by Luminus and their Afghan Alliance of Maryland Team.

With the evacuation of Afghanistan, the US military flew nearly 80,000 civilians out of Kabul, and of that, approximately 73,500 were either Afghans or other foreign nationals. Estimates suggest that eventually 95,000 Afghans will find their way to residency in the U.S. and need help from communities like ours, the Luminus Network for New Americans, formerly FIRN.


Watch the summit

How can you help? There are many next steps.

Donate towards their technical needs

There are two ways to donate towards are technical partnership:

1. Purchase the equipment via Amazon Smile

2. Donate any cash amount via PayPal and HFC will consolidate any donations toward the purchase of their technical needs.

3. Donate lightly used (up to 5 year old) laptops. HFC will refurbish them with SSDs and memory (as needed) and then gift them to fulfill their technical needs. Email us for more info.

Register as a Luminus volunteer

To get started, please join others who have already done so by clicking this link to get registered. Luminus is about moving from “u” to “us” and your decision to help will be a big part of us making a difference!