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Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Efforts

Last Update 10/18/02:44:04 UTC


The hacker community comes together yet again to assist friends, families, and the community recover from the devastation in Puerto Rico.

You can read the introductory story, read about the specific community members involved on RedLion’s Blog and check out all the posts in the Puerto Rico Relief category on our category page. Johnny is also sending updates via Twitter @ihackstuff and sporadically through Facebook @ihackstuff.

You can donate to the Puerto Rico Disaster Relief effort through our standard donation links with a designation to Puerto Rico Disaster Relief.

We are also coordinating efforts to get folks on-site in Puerto Rico though the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC), America’s premier team of volunteer technology professionals who connect communities in crisis. If you’re interested in volunteering either in-person, or remotely, please sign up here. We ask that you list “hackersforcharity.org” in the referral source so that our volunteers can be fast-tracked.

Support Details

Sept 22-24: Fundraising and coordination at Derbycon in Louisville KY.

Sept 26, 2017: Gear to Puerto Rico: First shipment: We delivered thirty radios, four “micro” solar power stations, lighting systems and more to Carlos and Jose in Louisville, Kentucky. They checked these as luggage and arrived in Puerto Rico after an overnight layover in the airport. They arrived “heartbroken” at the devastation. Cost of GZ equipment: $1,601.63 including deep Goal Zero discount, shipping and tax.

Sept 28: Our first non-commercial shipment to Puerto Rico: Sixty more radios, one medium and three small solar stations, lighting systems and Life Straws shipped to Miami for a private, non-commercial jet delivery to Puerto Rico. 164 pounds of cargo, scheduled to arrive Saturday Sept 30. Cost of GZ equipment: $4,322.29 including shipping and tax.

Sept 30: Above shipment touches down in Puerto Rico. Carlos and Juan are plane-side! The packages have made it safely “home”.

Oct 1: Some great photos from those you are supporting in Puerto Rico!

Oct 2-4: So much effort behind-the-scenes as we work alongside those working to send palettes of matzo, water filtration systems and of course personnel  to PR. We are in the process of placing our largest order of Goal Zero equipment to date. Lots of planning, but details coming.

Oct 5: The Puerto Rico Air National Guard (PRANG) gets the air traffic control system up! Flights are now picking up and you help turn on the lights for the PRANG!

Oct 8: In this post, we just show off as a community with a massive 500+ pound, $14,000+ power and communication investment in Puerto Rico! We are working to get it to PR, and the operation has expanded to help surrounding neighborhoods and even the mayor’s office!

Oct 18: At 620lbs and over $14,000, this is our biggest shipment to Puerto Rico yet. We’ve been at this a month and we’re learning a lot. We’re resilient and effective, standing in the gap while the larger organizations focus on long-term. Read about the shipment, which is now on its way!

Nov 14: Gear mobilizing! So many shipping setbacks, but we’re getting better! See what we’ve learned and how the community is pulling together again.


To date, with the help of our amazing volunteers and supporters, we have sent the following equipment to Puerto Rico:

*  Each product link on this page connects you to smile.amazon.com where a percentage of any purchase after clicking the link can support Hackers For Charity if you select us as your charity of choice! 

We are deeply grateful to the individuals and organizations that have supported the effort so far. The master list of donors is here, listed in no meaningful order:

First, we would like to extend our gracious thanks to Goal Zero who provided a deep discount on equipment and expedited overnight shipping. Goal Zero is amazing equipment, and an amazing company run by folks with big hearts.

Next, a HUGE thank-you to Derbycon! The family environment is what made this relief effort possible. Talk about big hearts! This is where it all began!

In addition, in no particular order, these folks also pitched in to make this a real community effort. Thank you to each and every person that pitched in!

  • HushCon
  • NolaCon
  • BsidesDE
  • ShmooCon
  • Shannon McMurtrey
  • Chad Rikansrud
  • Lauren Rogers
  • Andrew Click
  • Afterwits
  • Lorenzo Ireland
  • Simone Tartaglia
  • NoStarch Press
  • Forgotten
  • Pilgrim
  • Anjul
  • Spencer
  • James Gilsinn
  • Lou Arruda
  • Jeffrey S Boden
  • Alejandra Espinosa
  • Marc Séguin
  • John Kostuch
  • Andrew Orr
  • Travis Rhodes
  • Dorann Norman
  • Charles Pacheco
  • Todd Miller
  • Jean Stanford
  • Dischiavo IT Services
  • Jaime Andres Restrepo Gomez
  • Jared Haight
  • kriss Brodfuehrer
  • Kevin McCarty
  • Curtis Fletcher
  • Jacob Baines
  • Prajwal Panchmahalkar
  • David Albaugh
  • John Lampe
  • Sherry Griffith
  • Dr. Doug White
  • Benjamin Smith
  • Brandi Curry
  • Michal Špaček
  • John Jarocki
  • John Ives
  • Mary Catherine Petermann
  • Chris Holloway
  • Amanda Draeger
  • Allan Liska
  • Cory Miller
  • Shaw Consulting, LLC.
  • Robert Cohen
  • Dan Klinedinst
  • Guillermo Roman
  • Thomas Gaul
  • Third Tier, LLC
  • Benjamin Langtry
  • Denise Lebel
  • Jimmy Perreault
  • Todd Garrison
  • Paul Navarro
  • Patrick Cunningham
  • Thomas Hubbard
  • Christopher Christian
  • Mark Kearney
  • Andrew Skogen
  • Craig Bowser
  • Bruce Forsman
  • Patrick White
  • John Dorman
  • Brandon Coates
  • Robert Hovis
  • John Monteiro
  • Kimberly Kueny
  • Brent Cook
  • Joshua Colcord
  • Michael Walker
  • Christopher Duram
  • Noel Yakubowski
  • Ali Kapucu
  • Mark Scrano
  • Carsten Boeving
  • Allison Nixon
  • Yoni Merion
  • kirsten renner
  • John Albano
  • Jeffrey McGurk
  • Patrick McKinney
  • Orlando Unlocks
  • Ryan Wincey
  • Chad Rikansrud
  • Michael Carson
  • Randall Rinehart
  • Willis Vandevanter
  • erinn soule
  • William Woodson
  • Priyank Nigam
  • karen young
  • Zachary Nelson
  • Ryan Salsamendi
  • Jessica Payne (“Hi Carlos.”)
  • Michael Simms
  • Cynthia Hetherington
  • Christian Giliberto
  • Benjamin Smith
  • Andrew Williams
  • Richard Biever
  • shortstack, LLC
  • Anja Evenson
  • Sue Patas
  • Arthur Caplan
  • Mike Haag
  • Allan Friedman
  • Christian Hamer
  • Brent Cook
  • caleb coggins
  • Douglas Rogahn
  • Donald J Iverson
  • Christopher Anderson
  • Phillip Breunig jr
  • Ryan Wincey
  • Mitja Kolsek
  • Jose Fernandez
  • Fractal Security Group
  • Alexander Martinez
  • Pamela Dingle
  • Matthew Dunn
  • Matthew Svensson
  • Sean Metcalf
  • Samuel Bradstreet
  • Dominic Spill
  • Paul Asadoorian
  • Patrick Fitzgerald
  • Donald Mahoney
  • Clinton Tepe
  • kevin dienst
  • Sean Jackson
  • Nickolas Roedel
  • Chad Rikansrud
  • Christian Henderson
  • Emanuel Blanco
  • Lilian Fortunati
  • Crystal Williams
  • Catherine Ullman

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