WeakNet Linux Assistant 3 Lite (WNLA) is ready! Thanks to Douglas at WeakNet Labs, it’s available exclusively to Informer subscribers this week. A must-have for anyone interested in Security or Forensics, this CD-sized distro contains all the tools you need to test your skills and excel in the field of INFOSEC. Some of the highlights:

* WNLA 3 is ~600MB (last releases were roughly 1~1.5GB)

* WNLA has many new GUI interfaces for things (helps people make the transition from Win32/64 to Linux)

* WNLA has instant servers including (MySQL, FTP, SSHd, FastTrack-GUI, Metasploit-Web Brick, and more)

* WNLA has it’s own PHP/MySQL Social Networking server that i coded (resembles Facebook) to use in the lab to teach people about web hacking PHP/MySQL and SQL injection.

* WNLA has new looks including Grub splash, Usplash, GDm and more.

* WNLA includes WardriveSQL GUI and Webserver that i coded (http://wardriveSQL.info).

* WNLA includes GUI interface to WiFiZoo that i coded (which is to be added into the next build/website, under 3rd party additions)

* WNLA uses fully customized/customizable FluxBox instead of bloated Gnome and less-bloated (but amazing) Enlightenment.

Links available to paid subscribers of Informer only. Click here to subscribe. It’s only $54 a year, and the proceeds go directly to HFC projects such as our food program in Kenya and our Classroom project in East Africa.

Check out the video here!
Here’s the links….

ISO: http://weaknetlabs.com/linux/eb49e6f3bd72e6c6da517774391e0441/WNLA3LITE.ISO
MD5: http://weaknetlabs.com/linux/eb49e6f3bd72e6c6da517774391e0441/WNLA3LITE.ISO.MD5

Douglas also makes a forum available for questions about the release. Be sure to check it out!