St Johns Wakitaka's computer lab. St John’s Wakitaka was one of our earliest and largest Classroom endeavors. It was funded primarily by Paraben and an anonymous individual donor. The fundraising began in 2008, the room was set aside in 2009 and work on the installation continued through 2009 and 2010. The St John’s classroom is still an active HFC project.

Follow this link to see “before” photos and to explore the area surrounding the Wakitaka site. You’ll get to see what the neighborhood looks like, and the center before we moved the machines and tables in.

This center contained both new and used equipment. Much of what we know about computer systems and classrooms in underdeveloped countries we learned while working on this project. Follow this link and you’ll read about the first phase of the Wakitaka project. You’ll also be able to read the history of how this center came about. You’ll discover the unexpected work that goes into a seemingly simple project. As you’ll learn, the complications are varied and unexpected.

IMG_2527This third link shares photos from the second phase of the St. John’s project. In this phase we installed brand-new desktop systems, thanks to Paraben! You’ll also read about our staff members on the ground in Uganda and learn about the work they’re doing.