What an amazing story! I don’t have words. It’s better to tell it in the words of our local Uganda staff. Here’s the full update from our team in Jinja:


Nagayi Jessicawas born to unknown teenaged mother, she was raised in Work block walukuba village the largest slum in Uganda’s second capital city of jinja and the largest urban slum in the all of eastern Uganda. Jessica was named after an old woman who found her helpless in the wee hours of the morning dumped by unknown irresponsible mother.

Jessica did not attend school regularly due to lack of school fees, but loved books and had a passion of learning and studying computer skills.

By the time, she completed her form four at age of 17, there was no money to continue with her education to university. Jessica started selling peanuts, cassava chips at walukuba division-boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) stage as a means to get by. Life was difficult.

Jessica moved in with her old mother who adopted her for a couple of years and was able to obtain bit more formal education in a rural setting.

She then started to work as a cook at the construction site in walukuba. One day, Jessica met team of HFC who hooked her in conversation about her life story. With the help of HFC, Jessica was able to attend free computer training at the CTC about an hour away from Walukuba. She was inspired by HFC staff and other students whom she met at the CTC. She took an action to make things better in her life.

As an ambitious student, Jessica did not only have access to an excellent computer training but also things others people would take for granted.

She recalls spending two hours learning how to use a mouse the first time she had access to, cramming how to turn on a computer and wondering how she would ever learn to type a single word on a keyboard with many buttons.

By the end of four months, Jessica completed her certificate in computer essentials and she was supported to continue with Photoshop and illustrator which she was so passionate about. After her training, she did not have to wait long for a job.

I am happy and privileged to inform you that your support as HFC has given Jessica job skills and she’s found a great technology job at WATS ARTISTS Graphic Company as a Senior Graphic Designer!

Thanks a lot for your support!

Thank you all for your amazing support! We really couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you all!