We had a terrific time at Derbycon again this year. We were in a new venue, and it was rocky in some ways, but we are thankful for so much.
Our dear friend “That Art Guy” spent literally the entire conference (and many days pre-conference) arting up some awesome Louisville Sluggers as an HFC fundraiser. This was a ton of work but a lot of fun too. William (@Zer0Traf) and Darcy Hoffman (@Dar_cHoff), Kelsi (K1), Darren,  Frank the Tank (thedevilsvoice) and Chester Bishop (@chet121) put in a ton of time helping as well. You guys are awesome! None of this would have been possible without the support of folks like Justin Montabano (@soahkomplex), Robert (@carfucar) and Uncle Will (@WillCaruana) in the Car Hacking village who helped out immensely and donated the space. I spent many hours doing what I could, but it pales in comparison to the efforts of these folks!
Thanks also to the 30+ folks that commissioned and bought a slugger!
Aaron Markell did some amazing wood carving on a Louisville Slugger (signed by speakers and Derby organizers) that really helped out our auction in the closing ceremonies.
Brian Blankenship, Robert Darwin and Jeff Jarecki build some amazing table-top arcade machines that were INCREDIBLE. Not only did they build them, but they lugged them to Derby and set them up. The machines auctioned in the closing ceremonies, and really helped us out. They even took care of the headache of shipping to the winners! Amazing!
@SinderzNAshes won the bidding for one of the Awesome game cabinets in the closing ceremonies, and @MrsRel1k and @hackingdave won the other! @Derbycon and @hackingdave also donated a black badge for auction. Laura Johnson scored the badge and Aaron’s awesome carved Louisville slugger with her bid!
Long time friend @bluknight ghost bid $1,000 REMOTELY (via @CircuitSwan) on an item only to donate it back to the auction! This guy has been a long time friend and supporter and does this ALL THE TIME. So funny!
Four of the CTF teams (I wish I knew who!!?!?) worked the **entire conference** on a Capture the Flag (CTF), won a prize and donated that money! Incredible! Thank you all!
Several speakers donated their speaking honorariums. They all worked hard and delivered awesome talks. Be sure to check them out:
Adam Gold / Danny Chrastil (@import_au / @DisK0nn3cT): Pwning in the Sandbox: OSX Macro Exploitation & Beyond
Carrie Roberts, Kirk Sayre, Harold Ogden (@OrOneEqualsOne, @bigmacjpg, @haroldogden): VBA Stomping – Advanced Malware Techniques
Sean Gallagher, Steve Ragan, Paul Wagenseil (@thepacketrat, @SteveD3, @snd_wagenseil): Media hacks: an Infosec guide to dealing with journalists
@304geeks and @SecureWVCon: Benny Karnes, John Moore, Rick Hayes, Matt Perry, Bill Gardner, Justin Rogosky, Mike Fry, Steve Truax (Benny – @kungfujo, John – @mournewind, Rick – @ragingotaku, Matt – @sirgurdWV, Bill – @oncee Justin – @CptSexy, Mike – @MichaelDFry, Steve – @steventruax): How to put on a Con for Fun and (Non) Profit
Jim Cornell offered support (and bought ANOTHER leather journal). It was great to see him and talk to him.
Gary (@BlueTeamSherpa) thrilled us all with some amazing live piano and sing along and donated the proceeds. This was fun and unique and we still have the piano tunes rolling around in our heads. One more reason Derby was so much fun!
Goody (@leeg) donated to HFC instead of drinking a Smirnoff ice.
And of course I would be lost without the support of long-time HFC volunteers Jason Kent, Branden Miller, and Sam Kinch who offered support and help throughout the conference. I’d be lost without you guys!
The DerbyCon staff was truly amazing as always. Thank you all for an amazing conference!
All in all, there are WAY too many people to thank. I’m sorry if I left you out. It certainly wasn’t intentional. Thank you everyone!!