The YMCA (“Young Men’s Christian Association”) College of Business Studies, Jinja Uganda branch was started in 1962, the year of Uganda’s independence. It is located in jinja town, along Jinja-Kampala Highway, across from the Crested Crane Hotel and Tourism Training Institute.

This vocational college was started with the goal of training young men and women in various skills including catering and hotel management, tailoring, nursery school teaching and Information Technology (ICT). They offer both certificates and diplomas in each of these courses.

The ICT program is small, with only eleven students, including six young ladies and five young men at the diploma level.

The class instructor, Madam Ruth (shown below on left), states, “We are living in the world which is moving very fast and we therefore need information very fast.” This requires her students to have adequate knowledge as far as networking and internet technology.

Her curriculum includes a lot of theory, but very little practical application. She wanted to find a place where her students could have hands-on training on how to create different network topologies, how to manage a LAN and how to share documents across a live network.

She reached out to our Computer Training Center and found that we had the resources available to give her students this hands-on experience.

We are thrilled to have this type of technology available, and know that many students do not get this type of real, practical, real-world training. It was our honor and pleasure to present this training and look forward to helping Madam Ruth, her students and other students in the area as often as we can.

We are so grateful for the support towards the CTC again, are so grateful for this opportunity!