I’ve really gone back and forth about my trip to DEFCON this year.

When I sit down and look at things financially and logically, it makes no sense to pay around $3500 to go to a conference, even if that conference consistently generates over half of our annual operating expenses. If we’re that tight financially, wouldn’t the $3500 be better served staying in the HFC account?

However, when I take logic and finance out of the picture, as Rob Dixon says, “it’s better all-around for HFC when you’re there in person.” (or something like that).. Because, I suppose, as the founder and spokesperson and official talking head for an organization built around a community, there’s just no replacement for being there In Real Life.

So I’m going to try everything to make it to DEFCON to be with the folks that make all our work possible. But we just don’t have the funds. So since Kickstarter refuses to even allow our shirt sales (contrary to the fact that other shirt sales are running just fine), We’ll just do it this way.

We’ll be selling a limited number of the DEFCON shirts for $20 at the show, but the white shirts will not be sold anywhere except through this fundraiser. They are a very limited printing (100 shirts) only for our volunteers, staff and supporters of the “Get Johnny to DEFCON fundraiser”. The white ringers can, of course, be signed.

Note that right now, these are for pickup only at DEFCON. We will hold your shirt through the conference, and if you don’t pick it up, we’ll try to ship it out to you.

Click on the shirts below to get to the store, and thanks for your support!

Click the shirt to buy now!

Click the shirt to buy now!