I wanted to use Kickstarter to raise some money to fly to DEFCON., but that failed. I still don’t understand their response. The winning line was, “Ideally, our platform is a tool to fund creative output from an experience — not the experience itself.” I guess I’m missing the point of kickstarter.

And I’m admittedly bitter when I see approved kickstarters for $5,000 parties to watch the movie Hackers, (regardless of the add-on EFF fundraiser) poor student Thesis films, buying some random guy a camera, and albums from groups whose acronym will even make your granny blush (FYKMA).

I mean I just wanted to sell some T-Shirts, which seems reasonable considering the Grace Jones doesn’t Give a F$% shirt, the “I’m with Genius” shirt and the “This is not a kickstarter” shirt, all approved by Kickstarter, but no dice. They rejected the idea. I mean, ‘cmon. This kickstarter is just a T-Shirt sale, so what the heck?

Whatever. I’ll submit again, just to advertise T-shirts, and see what happens.

In the meantime, look to a future post for my own ghetto attempt to do the same thing.