After many years of running Hackers for Charity in Uganda, who would have thought that a virus would have caused so much havoc in 2020?

It’s quite impressive that we have taught thousands of children computer literacy in Uganda and would often travel to remote high schools to teach life changing skills that they normally would not get. Many times at those remote schools we had to clean malware/virus infected computers for the school to allow the school children to learn.






So it is quite ironic that a virus (COVID 19) has caused us to rethink how we operate.

From a funding perspective, the cancellation of conferences and other large fundraising activities have significantly impacted how we fund these projects. So we are currently looking for ways to keep the work going. If you would like to assist, please feel free to reach out or donate.

In Uganda, we have had to close the doors to students and the public in order to comply with COVID 19 restrictions. We know the situation will clear up soon and are really looking forward to teaching the very eager and enthusiastic students again. We are also looking forward to the time that travel restrictions to Uganda are lifted and those hackers that want to come to Africa to teach with us, are able to do so. To prepare for things getting back to normal, the staff have been tirelessly updating the training programs behind closed doors to ensure that we can give the best training we can to the children and those in need.










We understand that times are difficult, and we are standing with you all around the world through these tough times, the team in Uganda would like to send you our prayers and best wishes. To reflect the sentiment, we have recorded a video message.

“Stay Safe. Stay Strong. We Love you!”

As a little thank you, this and whole lot of other videos of the work we did earlier this year have been published on the new Hackers for Charity Uganda YouTube page: .  We may also look at putting some blog stories online throughout the year to provide the backstory behind some of these videos. The aim of the YouTube channel is to give you all a bit more of an idea what we do in Uganda, and also to inspire those who want to donate, help or  even travel to Africa (post-covid) to teach!  Just like the hacker ethos, everyone who wants to help is welcome.

Lastly, thank you for your support of Hackers for Charity and stay safe!