With the COVID19 pandemic impacting the world, it has been tough times for Hackers For Charity in Uganda also. With the lock-downs and school closures, the busy Computer Training Center has had to seek new ways to assist the community in COVID-safe ways. As there is still a large need for training, the overflowing classes with lots of young and eager students of the past are not possible at this time. The focus has had to shift towards smaller classes, social distancing, and older students to improve computer literacy. 

As we all have had someone in our life that has helped us to get to where we are now, Hackers For Charity is continuing on with the role in Uganda. The instructors at Hackers For Charity have created a new internship program that provides work-experience and training to local university students in the area.

The need is that many students at the neighbourhood university face limited access to most basic equipment related to their courses. For students that want to work in IT, there is no way to apply their technical skills in a practical way prior to graduating.

Giving back to the community and using the little resources at Hackers For Charity has, the instructors at Hackers For Charity recently taught a computer networking course to the interns. The students on the first intake were: Anna, Daniel, Morris and Julius (pictured below). This program helped the students gain confidence and much needed experience that well help them well into the future. On behalf of the team in Uganda, we would like to wish them all the best in their professional and charity work in the future.

If you like the work that the are doing in Uganda and would like to help, please feel free to donate or contact us in the Slack groups.