We have a line on a plane to get our shipment down to Puerto Rico. This could happen by October 6. Hopefully, this will give our guys time to settle in a bit with their families and reconnect before we dump all this gear on them. 

Based on Goal Zero Nomad 28, Yeti 150, and Baofeng BF-888S handheld radios, we’re looking at this math. This will be a neighborhood radio charging station for (at most) ten radios:

Our larger setup will be based on (4) Yeti 1000 Generators, and (8) Nomad 100W folding panels. These will be larger systems not only for charging radios, but also fans, fridges, lights, comm gear and much more at operational bases serving Fire, EMS, Civil Defense and local Police.

We had looked at permanent install panels and larger folding 200W panels, but they are too big for the planes we’re looking at using for this next shipment. We also like the Nomad 100 because it weighs in at around ten pounds.

That’s where we are right now. We should be placing the order today. 

Thanks everyone!