So far, we’ve been able to get the bare necessities to Carlos and Jose as they begin their journey back to their friends and family in Puerto Rico.

Our focus at this early stage was to get lightweight, immediate-need gear that could be checked on to their commercial flight. Based on their needs we included solar panels, power packs, lights and communications equipment. 

Thanks to a generous discount from Goal Zero, the following equipment was shipped to C&J and checked as luggage:

Mycroft also sent 30 Baofeng BF-888S handheld radios to get them started.

Here are some photos of the Goal Zero gear that was sent:

At this stage, we are working on logistics to get a larger pallet of radios and gear down to Puerto Rico, but we’ve run into some logistical problems. I have no doubt this team will get those issues sorted.

We will keep you posted and thanks for the support!