I’m back in Uganda after DEFCON. I had an amazing trip and I’m so thankful to so many people, especially to the volunteers that gave of their time, those that attended my talk, those that made donations and those that showed their support in other ways. I really can’t thank you enough.

Things in Uganda are .. interesting to say the least. I came back to bad news, my most trusted employees vanished without a trace, taking with him equipment he was loaned and rumor has it that he facilitated the “borrowing” of some amount of our training software.

I’m stunned, as this person was very loyal and trusted. Since I’ve had no discussion with him, all I have is speculation and third-party reports about what went down.

This comes right on the heels of some major layoffs and “attrition” within the organization here in the Uganda. The result is that we have lost all but one of our technicians, both senior managers, an accountant and a training center attendant. This leaves us with only one worker in the center (Teo), who despite being very personable and an excellent trainer, is simply not able to run the training center by herself. So the center is closed temporarily and we’re looking at some changes in how we run the center. It’s also time to pay the rent, and unless something happens, we won’t be able to make our rent payment.

If it weren’t for the encouragment I received from the community at DEFCON, I would be thinking of closing up shop here in Uganda. It’s that bad. But I’ll keep plugging on.

Thanks again everyone for the warm reception and for the many MANY long hours of encouragement, support and great converation.