There’s no running water and no power at Nanso Primary School on a tiny island in Lake Victoria in Uganda, East Africa. However, there are lots of eager students who have learned a ton of theory but have had no hands-on experience with technology.

Michelle, an instructor representing Just Cause Uganda, took a bunch of gear from the HFC Hackerspce including our Littlebits workshop kit to Nanso tells us via Messenger:

“I had to leave that workshop a hundred times to stand outside and cough and cough. It was not my finest. But the students loved it and we tied it to the curriculum they were studying in science in the UG primary classes.

Some topics like simple machines, body systems, magnetism, action/reaction, reflection/refraction, speed and motion all were easy relevant topics to tie in.

The science teacher (John) was actually terrific at making the curriculum connections as we taught the tech stuff. He was very bright and it was a great example of team-teaching and collaboration!

And this was the most remote of villages, a “no electricity or water” kind of place. This is where the first school we built is. We usually do science workshops there, STEM and maker stuff, but this was a first using technology for them. The kids were actually kind of freaked out at first by it!”

We’re thrilled at what’s happening in Uganda, and excited to see teachers like Michelle coming in and leveraging the resources of the HFC hackerspace for the kids in Uganda.

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Teacher John at Nanso School