Here are some comments from Michelle, at Just Cause Uganda, who is helping organize some of the efforts in our Uganda hackerspace! Great stuff!

“Our hackerspace kids from Jinja and the makerspace kids from Nazigo did AMAZING at the competition in Kampala this past weekend… They BOTH placed FIRST on hardware control – one with a VEX crane invention that they coded in C and one with a smart home working model that used Arduino and voice recognition made from vex parts and well… Junk!”

“The girls did GREAT! We have four girls heavily involved now for the first time! They won a silver and a bronze for their line follower robots issuing mindstorms and vex robots. They coded in C!!!”


“They got t-shirts at the event so they were all THRILLED of course! (Like every kid on every content that love swag!)”

“Lots of other medals as well but those for me were the highlights!   They are really killing it – they’ve shown with access and opportunity regular Ugandan kids are every bit as capable as the rich private school kids. I love that they are so bright and motivated. Working with kids that love what they do and are genuinely interested learners is a joy.. Makes me remember why finding a way for them so important. It does matter. Plus they are making such cool things!”