Soy, Kenya. Gorgeous.

It’s been a pretty busy week, even though I don’t have a whole lot to show for it. First, I spent a lot of time cleaning. After so many conferences and trips over the years, I have a closet of things (and a bedroom floor full of things, despite Jen’s understandable protests) that I haven’t gotten a chance to use. As I bounce back and forth between projects, and scopes / requirements change, things get shuffled around and pushed to the corners “for a rainy day”. Well, that “rainy day” arrived this week, interestingly coinciding with the start of one of Uganda’s rainy seasons and the associated torrential downpours.

It was time to organize and figure our how to best use the equipment we’ve had donated. After a couple days of organizing, testing equipment and cleaning, I decided to bring Zack and Bonface from Kenya to visit us in Jinja and get geared up for their continuing adventures in Kenya. As many of you know, these guys are tromping all over Kenya installing RACHEL, GCF and all sorts of educational content to schools and community centers.

I’m especially excited to give Zack the “Village build” because his heart is still for helping farmers and that build will make a huge difference for his peers.

After quite a few fits and starts, they arrived in Jinja a few minutes ago, tired and extremely hungry. We’re feeding them and letting the get some rest before we start meeting tomorrow and getting them geared up.

I’m so thankful for everyone that’s donated equipment (and money for equipment) over the years, and I feel a bit guilty that I get the joy and honor of delivering that gear to folks like Zack and Bonface who will use it to serve and empower others.

Thank you all!