We have a new Loaded Chromebook build.. the “village” build! Check out a preview here. Note that the PDF links are disabled for the preview, but the info links work. This is only a part of the build. The rest is here.

Since yesterday’s post, I’ve made some headway this build. Jeremy over at WorldPossible has made some headway getting the Appropriate Technology Library cleared for distribution. More details on that soon.

But for now, I’ve worked really hard to get the ATL in a decent HTML format. Bear in mind, this was just a pile of PDF’s with sequential names like “MF01-01.pdf”, not so descriptive. So I slogged through the PDF index file, and thanks to some creative sed and awk skillz, came up with something decent. At 1,050 documents, this was a massive single page of info, but I threw in some collapsible lists to make it more palatable. I also linked the “info” documents to each section to give an overview of what’s there.

I can’t wait to get this out into some pretty remote places. This information could really be life changing! BRCK road trip, anyone?

I’m working to get this build on DropBox. It will be a painful upload.