It’s been a busy week. I did home internet installations for two clients who have recently relocated to Uganda. One is supporting the Uganda Baptist Seminary and the other is supporting the UAPO. These were relatively small projects, just hooking up 3G routers and antennas for their small home network. It’s simple work, but so necessary. It’s amazing how many people come here and have no idea how to get fast Internet. Both clients came in through word-of-mouth. The other relatively big job was hooking up Internet and an nComputing cluster for Water Missions, International. This was a bit more involved as we’re load balancing multiple 3G connections and extending some of their desktop machines to support multiple users with nComputing. Here are some photos of that installation:

One Shot of the nComputing Install

Another shot of the install

The 3G Router setup

Here are a few more photos of the outside of Water Missions:

Water Missions Uganda's new home!

Fred sporting his backtrack shirt outside Water Missions!

The rest of the week was a bit ordinary. I worked on a few laptops for various non-profits, worked on a logo for the new HFC T-Shirts in preparation for Shmoocon, worked on the end-of-year finances and worked the sound for music night at The Keep. Since we were in an off-week, we had a Karaoke night, which was only lightly attended but was a real blast. I even got into the act with Jailhouse Rock (Elvis), House of the Rising Sun (The Animals), I’m a Believer (The Monkees) and Chantilly Lace (Big Bopper). I have my dad to thank for even knowing what those songs are. According to field reports, I do a mean Elvis and and equally mean Big Bopper. If anyone asks me to do it at Shmoocon, I won’t… unless of course I’m taunted with a charitable donation. =)

It was a decent week. It’s good to be busy again.

More soon.