We’re preparing for DEFCON this year, and I started thinking about what cool leather stuff we could make this year to raise a bit of support money. My wife came up with this most excellent journal design that looked a bit Victorian/”Steampunk” and that’s when I had the idea to make business card holders. I might still make those mini-wallets, but as soon as I made a prototype, I realized that the design would make a really cool lockpick case. The prototypes turned out pretty cool, especially when I put the sprocket in the middle there.

These cases are all hand made and hand tooled using vegetable tanned leather for the front (which offers a stiff backing to protect the tools) and ultra-soft nubuck (a cowhide leather that has been rubbed on the flesh side to give it a feel like suede) as the “pocket”. One of the cases has two “pockets” and that may be our final design since you can fit smaller tools in that other pocket. This case really looks like an heirloom and it since it’s genuine leather, it will age beautifully. You can choose to keep it looking brand new with a light rubbing of olive oil or clear shoe polish if you like as well.

We only have one style right now, but we might do a second variation which would have a skull and crossbones instead of the sprocket. Please leave a comment if you are interested in pre-ordering for DEFCON. We will try to sell them at the con as well, assuming pre-orders don’t go through the roof. We’re thinking of making them $25 each.

Please leave a comment to help us gauge interest. Note that a comment does not constitute as an order. We will post to Etsy once they’re available for order.

In the comment, let us know the color (black, black/mahogany, or brown/tan) and style (sprocket/skull and crossbones) you’d like best.