Hey everyone! I’m heading to the US for two weeks starting this Friday (Jan 27-Feb 12) and I’m hoping to get some donated equipment to take back on my return trip. We have some real basic needs, and I’m hoping some of you might be able to help by sending some things to an address (I’ll supply) in Maryland. These donations really help us out because we’re operating on such a small budget.

–Computer Equipment–

We need computer equipment for our training centers and our computer repair work. The training centers are 100% community projects (no real income to speak of) but our repair work brings in a lot of money that helps us run the centers. We’re hoping you can help us by donating the following:

– Computer Repair tools and toolkits
– PC diagnostic tools, books and training manuals. Help us train our guys and provide them the most modern tools and info for repair
– Apple parts and accessories (including but not limited to: power supplies, diagnostic software and books, Apple-specific tools, accessory cables like ipod chargers, etc). We are the only place in town that does Apple repair, and I want to see us improve in that offering. All info and gear welcome. Modern stuff only. Keep us on the edge.
– USB drives and enclosures
– Flash drives

–Music-Related items–

Music is part of the lifeblood of African culture. Many young artists are learning about how to take their talents to the next level by learning their way around the studio. They are learning about mixing and editing, post production and more. The problem is that most of the local instructors are stuck on keyboards, drum kits and subpar techniques that makes the final product flat, lifeless and predictable.

We’ve teamed up with CEPAC (The Center for Performing Arts and Culture) to help improve this situation. CEPAC has a great basic studio (housed in the basement of The Keep). Our plan is to start giving high-quality (one-of-a-kind) lessons to local musicians and sound engineers using this space to help the artists excel. We would love to see these young artists become self-sufficient using their gifts and skills.

We’re also running a weekly music night at The Keep. As you know, the cafe is designed to be a fundraiser for our personal support and our community work. Thanks to Keith’s donation, we have the best sound system in Jinja. Amazing speakers, a GREAT mixer, and … we’re missing the rest. We’re attracting some great acts because of the original venue and our heart for the community, and I’d like to continue to improve the quality of the sound and the venue for young artists. Some of our artists come from very far away (our traditional group, especially) and we’re moving in the right direction, but the gear we’re missing is really hurting the quality of the sound, and eventually will effect how many customers we keep coming back. Right now we’re limping by with local cables and mics, but we really can’t afford to buy better gear. We’re hoping you can donate the following:

XLR Microphone cables (20 foot and longer)
1/4″ to 1/4″ Instrument cables (20 foot and longer)
1/4″ to 1/4″ speaker cables (30 foot and longer)
Acoustic Guitar Pickups
XLR  /  1/4″  cable tester
Powered stage monitor
Decent performance microphones (all types, wireless, wired, dynamic, condenser, instrument, vocal, lavs, etc)

Karaoke CD’s / Hard Drives loaded with CD+G music (please only decent stuff… not the crappy MIDI crud). Karaoke is a hit. A surprise hit, but it is. We’ll use Karaoke on Fridays when we don’t have acts booked.

This equipment will not only serve us at The Keep to help our local artists really shine, but the equipment will be used in the downstairs studio and for live charity events we’ll be holding behind The Keep.

So please help us out.. spread this email around to any musicians you might know that have some excess or older gear. We could really use it.

For more information, see our website at http://www.hfc-uganda.org.