I’ve been in a bad place for a long time. Most of you noticed that I stopped blogging. Most of you remember one of my posts more than all the rest: worst day. Here’s a small quote from that post:

but once again I found myself asking why, exactly I felt the need to leave everything and drag my family to this God-forsaken place. This time, no answer came..

Here at Shmoocon, I’ve gotten some answers. I’ve been encouraged and re-embraced by the community. I’ve been gone, but not forgotten. But more importantly, I discovered that Hackers For Charity is no longer a crazy idea that exists in my head. It’s become a movement that’s embraced by the community. And I needed to see that. I’m obviously meant to keep plugging away at this. If I quit, then I’m a fool. If I give up, I’ve given up everything for nothing and proven that this really was a harebrained idea..

So thanks to the community, I’m back in action. I’m still struggling with so many things though. My life really is a mess and I’m not entirely sure that I will ever get it completely straightened out, but I am encouraged quite a bit that the labor is not in vain..

Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the boost and the encouragement. Now, go and volunteer. We’ve got work to do. =) ..