Airdrop-ng A python based wireless deauth tool supporting a full rule base and kicks based on OUI.

After enjoying MDK3 but finding it way to blunt for many uses I decided to write my own python deauth tool using lorcon.

The advantage to airdrop-ng is the rule parser. It is smart enough to know that if you wish to allow a client on an AP but want to kick the others not to send a broadcast packet. This allows airdrop to act as a wifi nuke but also as a scalpel for very targeted work.

Another fun feature is the kick based on OUI. Using OUI lookups its possible to kick on device type. So say if you wanted to ensure that no Macs in the area have access to wifi while all other devices work fine. It really is quite fun.

Sadly this tool has not gotten as much testing as I would have liked so if you do manage to blow it up please double check your rules and make sure they are to the format of the example config file. Also ensure that you have read the readme. If those two items fail to clear up your issue email me the airodump csv file and the rule config file you are using and I will do my best to clear up the issue for you. I can be reached at thex1le a t  gmail DOT com.

This tool will most likely be working its way into the aircrack-ng suite at a later date.

The code can be downloaded here

!!!!! UPDATE

I found two serious bugs and have sinced fixed them. One was that if you tired to just kick a single client off an ap all clients would be kicked. The second was that if you had a rule for a client airodump couldnt see or just did not exist the program would die. Both have been fixed. Please use this new link

Special thanks to SWC666 and for hosting the code base.