The “Long Journey To Africa”

It’s a strange tale, but that’s life. After a childhood spent in the Internet’s worst neighborhoods, a 15-year run as a professional hacker, a twelve-book author spree and all the crazy media coverage, I’m off to Africa. My family and I are relocating to Uganda, East Africa to focus on our Charity work. We’re working alongside AOET to:

  • Clarify the vision of HAckers For Charity (HFC) and discover how to best leverage the talents and gifts of the hacker community for lasting, life-saving change
  • Learn the culture and listen to the needs of vulnerable East Africans to learn how to best serve them long-term
  • Build HFC-funded computer classrooms in Uganda and Western Kenya to help give job skills to vulnerable children and adults.
  • Scout and screen new locations for corporately-funded classrooms
  • Maintain and repair existing classrooms and computer systems
  • Train computer repair and maintenance technicians in-country
  • Host four quarterly HFC “field-trips” to connect hackers and technologists to the life-changing work on the ground in East Africa

This is a journey of faith. I’m unemployed (thanks to his insane passion for Africa) and a bit unsure about where the money will come from to support this trip, but I’m confident that God will provide the means to follow this path He’s led us on. In the past, money has come from interesting places (the hacker community fully funded our March 2007 trip.

Would you consider supporting our trip? The trip will cost $11,131 in one-time expenses ($3,895 for 4×4 Vehicle, $1,425 for furnishing, $431 for a washing machine, $3,880 for home schooling materials, $500 for Kenyan Visas, $250 for Ugandan Visas and $750 for Health Insurance) and $2,252 a month (Rent: $600.00, Guard $145, Car insurance: $20, House help including cooking, market shopping, language services: $72, Electricity: $120, Water: $50, Gas: $145, Food: $200, Health Insurance (US): $900).

We plan to connect our supporters to or work in Africa with behind-the-scenes photos, videos and blog sections of this site outlining exactly how the work is progressing and what your funding is supporting. For donations of $50 or more, you will also receive a one-year subscription to our Informer service.

Thank you for your support of the “Long Journey to Africa!”

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