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Support our Computer Training Center

The goal of our Computer Training Center is to provide world-class training of all levels to those that could not normally afford it. Fund a computer classroom.

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life.”
-Chinese Proverb

In the developed world, Information Technology (IT) is a booming business, providing sustainable income for millions. Most people don’t realize that IT is also a booming business in most underdeveloped countries as well. Simple services such as word processing, photo editing, CD copying and printing are in great demand and entrepreneurs are using these skills to generate income that not only sustains them, but their entire extended family as well.

As communication systems spread like wildfire and the cost of computer equipment drops, the market for computer skills in underdeveloped countries is set to explode. However, computer training is expensive–far out of reach of those that need it the most. By building computer labs in schools and community centers in the poorest areas of the world, we aim to educate the world’s most vulnerable citizens, providing them skills that they can use to proactively lift themselves out of poverty.

Our computer classrooms are joint ventures. Corporations, individual members of the community and anonymous donors have joined together to build each and every one of our classrooms. We invite financial and equipment donations of any size and are actively seeking donations from corporations which are interested in branding opportunities. A typical seat in one of our classrooms costs approximately $300US and consists of brand-new, cutting edge-equipment engineered to last for years.