We’ve been working on our Hackerspace in Uganda for a very long time, and most of it has been planning and technical stuff. But one of the primary goals of the space has always been to help kids explore advanced technology.

When we moved here, we were always amazed at the resourcefulness and creativity of street kids. Yes, we’ve been frustrated by them too, but we always thought that if they could only put that resourcefulness and creativity towards something positive, they could really succeed in their dreams.

This month, we’ve taken a huge step towards making that thought a reality. Thanks to you, our donors, many volunteers who were kind enough to bring equipment, two exceptional organizations (partnered through ugandastreetkids.org) and volunteer instructors from the US, we hosted our first class in the hackerspace for former street kids.

Each of these great kids has spent a significant amount of time on the streets, fighting for their survival in conditions worse than most of us can even imagine. Today, they are voluntarily enrolled in drop-in programs where they have to follow pretty strict rules, keep on a good path, and stay in (donor-sponsored) school programs to prove they’re serious about walking a new path. In my opinion, these kids have already shown they have what it takes, and more than deserve a chance at something no other kids have experienced in Uganda.

Littlebits (littlebits.cc) was a key part of this program, introducing the kids to basic electronics theory and design in a fun, exciting and safe way.

I’m excited about this new pilot program and really looking forward to more classes with these terrific kids.