We’ve got to pack light for Africa so we made a proclamation: 15 DVD’s per person, for a total of 75 DVD’s, or one good size DVD folder. I was stressing that whole thing, and initially I chose to forget about my absolute favorites because there were all series releases and there were WAY too many discs. So I picked up my single flick favorites like Fight Club, War, So Close, Banlieu 13 and the Matrix (first movie). But my family amazed me. Without me saying anything, the kids picked Lord of the Rings (all 8 discs), Pirates of the Caribbean (6 discs) and the Star Wars Trilogy (6 discs). But it got better… my wife picked the Ocean’s series, the Transporter series and Jenny picked the Bourne series. ALL my favorites were accounted for! So for an added bonus I grabbed the bonus discs for Pirates and LOTR. Now all we have to do is make sure we don’t spend the whole trip as African couch potatoes. Of course, I also have to be a good husband and watch Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice and the other Jane Austen flicks for my beautiful wife.