Busy morning so far.

  1. Workout (crap I’m old. My ego wants to do so much more than my body will allow. Stupid ego. Stupid body.)
  2. Drive Declan to school with Jen
  3. Drop Jen off at home (she’s sick).
  4. Get breakfast @ The Keep, wait for opening manager to arrive
  5. People watch as a large group comes in. This is significant because The Keep was empty, and being behind in the rent there, that always makes me nervous/anxious/wondering what the heck we’re doing staying open. Then one person came in, got a phone call and left to another restaurant. Then that guy comes back in with like six others and they rave about the place, orders coffees, smoothies, milkshakes and huge breakfasts. I got to talk to them a bit, and meet them, and was so encouraged. They are here as part of a coalition that’s praying that the countries bordering the Nile be released from evil. Pretty deep, and amazing. And just like that, I was encouraged.
  6. Ran home to get business cards and drop cokes off for Jen (helps with upset stomach).
  7. Back to Keep, hand out business cards.
  8. Check in with our computer Tech at the Keep to get a status of the day’s work.
  9. Head to FedEx office to get the most recent inbound shipping address. It turns out that GCFLearnFree has an update they are willing to ship us. This is huge because we’ve used their software for 3+ years now and it’s good but dated. So excited about this.
  10.  Head to post office to pay for our PO Box. Our friend Kelli reminded me that inbound Air Mail actually works. Like, someone can send packages to us via Air Mail and they will actually make it without being molested. Holy cow! This is one of those things that other people know, and do (care packages?!?! What?!) but for some reason we’ve never done. I have dreams of software and education DVD’s getting shipped to Jinja instead of having to rely on trips back. Could it be!?
  11.  At the post office, I met a guy who does computer training at the post office. In talking to him, I learned that his training is expensive (an average working person’s month’s salary for a certificate) but the certificated are from UICT (www.uict.ac.ug) which means they are accredited and nationally recognized unlike the certificates we award at our center. We’re going to discuss how students can get these certificates from our center, or how we can be come nationally recognized by UICT to award our own certificates and diplomas. This will definitely take our training to the next level and will likely mean we have to raise the education level of our instructors, or bring more in.
  12.  Ran home to grab a cable our tech needed, and picked up Johnson, one of our leather craftsmen, to take him to market to pick up more coffee cups. Oh, and stopped at the bank for money and the petrol station for fuel.

And now, it’s lunch time and really, I’ll be skipping lunch because I have too much to do, and very little time to do it before my hard-stop of 5:00pm (because we have plans for once). Looks like it won’t be a 12+hour day today. Maybe.