We at HFC have spent many, many hours focussed on our Pelican Pi solution because it’s wicked cool, and because education is the key to changing the future of so many countries that are struggling against poverty, corruption, poor health care and so many other things. Sam did a bang-up job coming up with the idea, fielding it, testing it and making it a physical reality. Together, we’ve spent countless hours playing with the software build together with so many teams (RACHEL, Learning Equality, GCFLearnFree.org) and now, it’s officially “in the wild”.

I handed our first Pelican Pi prototype  to Lisa Stern yesterday, and she and Daniel are taking it and a loaded Acer C7 Chromebook on the road as they meet and greet with some of the most influential decision makers in Africa. Together I’m confident that we’ll solidify the scope and vision of the Pelican Pi project.

Daniel and Lisa presented the solution at the Creative Commons Uganda meeting, and the only hiccup was getting the Chromebook to display on the projector in mirror mode (Lisa knows how to do that now!).

Here’s the full Facebook photo stream from that presentation, and the photos featuring the Pelican Pi setup are shown below. You can also view a local news article about the meeting here, and some slides presented here.

Lisa and Daniel demonstrating the Loaded Chromebook:

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Daniel demonstrating the Pelican Pi:
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