Exciting meetings, the first “for real” education field test, web training and an opportunity for expansion!

It’s been a good week.

First, techie stuff for the Jinja missionary/NGO community: 3 iPhone unlocks (only one success since AT&T has shut down external unlocks) 2 iPod repairs, 1 hard drive recovery.

I’m happy to announce that Alpha and Omega seminary and school is the first Ugandan client to “jump in” to our educational setup. They ordered 10 acer c10 chromebooks with 10 32gb sd cards. They arrived this week and I’ve been loading up the sd cards and loading updates for the chromebooks. I’m excited to see how our first real field test works out!

We had a team of eight at the BnB this week working with Global Outreach. They were a terrific team and we miss them already. They had a great week and it was a real joy doing whatever we could to help them in their ministry. They loved eating at the Keep and at Ozzies. :-)

I had two greatawesome meetings this week. The first was with Dr Nick who is working on training the Ugandan police. It looks like finally, finally we will be able to help train the police thanks to the right connections and generous training material donations from EC Council and Mile2. The other meeting was with Anthony from Philly who, like us, “Followed God’s calling to Uganda” and is, “trying to figure out what’s next.” It turns out Anthony is trying to find a way to use his web skillz here and wants to teach some courses. He came here basically empty handed and heard about me through Daniel Stern. He’s praying about, “finding a classroom to rent and computers” so he can give this class. Whaddaya know. We’ve got that. It seems Anthony was lead right to our doorstep. We are excited to partner with him and offer our first instructor-led training at the Jinja CTC. The timing on this is amazing since we just received that amazing laptop donation from James. The only problem is figuring out where to put these machines. We are running out of room. We are looking into the possibility of renting the space next door and turning that into smaller more intimate classroom space for advanced training leaving the main CTC for general, self-paced free training. But that space is renting for $300 a month and that’s beyond our budget. We will see what happens but that would have a huge pact on our training mission.

I’ll be offline as I travel some this week for a speaking gig. Eighteen hours on US soil and thirty hours of travel. Pray for strength, health, safety and sanity. :-D