As a part of our service to the community here, we often show US sporting events live at the Keep. Tuesday morning was the BCS Championship (At 8:30PM EST) and we showed it live at 4:30AM! We had to buy MTN airtime to show the stream since it’s faster (and rather expensive) but the resultant speedtest was stellar at 2.75Mbps! I was all set to show the game, but things started unraveling at 4:00AM when I plugged in a regulator to power my laptop. A spray of sparks shot out from the regulator and the regulator and the dual wall sockets blew simultaneously. I frantically ran an extension cord from the office and had things hooked things up right when our guests were arriving. Gerald, Levi, Lydia and I worked to serve breakfast and coffee and before we knew it, we had thirty guests cheering on the game, most of whom were Auburn or FSU Alumni. Needless to say, the atmosphere was electric and it was a terrific game. It made for a long day, but it was certainly worth it as our guests had a terrific time. Most said it reminded them of home and helped them feel connected as they watched alongside family and friends who were communicating through our standard internet connection.

Time to catch up on some sleep!