Well, I didn’t budget as well as I could have for the hackerspace. I imagined we would close the windows and doors, pull the drapes and run interior fans to keep all the donated equipment dust-free and cool. But I didn’t count on exterior temperatures being over 100 degrees fahrenheit, and interior temps being even higher. The fact is, our fans are blowing hot air, and it’s not even possible to sit in the hackerspace. So we either have to keep the doors and windows open to get some sub-100-degree air (making the gear highly visible from the street, exposing it to tons of dust and heat) or, we have to get an A/C unit, which I didn’t budget for. The only thing standing in our way to open the center is the security system (which we budgeted for) and the A/C which will cost us $2,000, a really good price for good quality, properly powered, professionally installed name-brand units. (We found many companies that sold these units for nearly double, but the Indian merchant that we bought all our Keep equipment from is really hooking us up.) Would you consider helping us raise the money for our A/C? It would really make a huge difference for us. Thank you so much!