Defcon 21 was an amazing success!

First of all, I’d like to thank all the volunteers that helped at the
booths and with logistics to make these conferences happen. This includes: Charlie Brown, Annie, Justin Brown, Llew Browne, Ron Brown and Tom. Wow. That’s a lot of Brown(e)s!!

I’d also like to especially thank Glenn Eccard, Sam Kinch, Mary Margaret Conley and DigiP who put in tons of hours for us as well.

Shane MacDougall donated a Defcon black badge! As many of you know, these are HUGE items, and I’ve asked dt’s permission to auction it. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks, Shane!

Justin Brown and Jamison Scheeres made donations which were corporately matched. This is such a cool thing because it’s like a double donation. We have matching donation programs with Verizon, Bank of America and Dell.

We are also pursuing a CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) listing so that all Federal employees may donate during their annual fund raising campaign.

Thanks to the staff, crew and attendees of BSidesLV! The staff provided us with booth space, hotel space, and SO much more during BSides this year. We got a chance to meet with so many people who didn’t attend DEFCON, and we raised a lot of money as well. We had an unprecedented year! Thank you

We’d also like to thank the staff, crew and attendees of DEFCON. You guys are always looking out for us, and you always make us feel right at home. Thank you guys! I won’t lie.. DEFCON wipes us out. We all need a vacation
after the con but it’s a good kind of tired. =)

Thanks to the Offensive Security crew who donated super sweet Kali 2013 t-shirts. Offsec always hooks us up in so many ways and frankly, they have been our number one “corporate” supporter over the years. We really can’t
thank them enough. We sold nearly 50 shirts at $20 a piece, so that was really a killer donation. I think we need to charge more for Offsec/Kali gear. People go nuts over them and frankly, people get out of hand when we
run out. :-O

Nine folks supported our (fledgling|rebirthing|new|old) “HackHunger” campaign by buying T-shirts. This is surprising since it’s an old design and we haven’t even relaunched the program. Be on the lookout for a new “Hunger Games” theme shirt and a relaunch of our “Food for Work” program at Derbycon.

Lots of folks loved our new “Fed” shirt design for Defcon 21! This is a touchy subject because I drug my feet and got all perfectionist over the design. Fortunately, Mary, Glenn and DigiP are still my friends (I really put them through the ringer on this shirt) but eventually, it all worked out and we sold over 130 of the shirts. The matching “FED” hats did well, too. Thanks to everyone who bought a shirt of any kind and especially to Glenn, Mary and DigiP who helped us out so much!

Thanks to Art of Exploitation for the raffle donation, that netted $344.

Thanks to Kyle Hanslovan @Marqo09 (his team won CTF at DEFCON20 and he is with DC410 crew). He donated the ObamaHACK tshirts. They were a popular item at DEFCON20 and he had a few tshirts and sweatshirts remaining, which he donated and which sold out.

Larry Pesce donated challenge coins that were auctioned for over two grand I believe. Wow!

Pwnie Express donated a pwn plug elite which lists $1000.

Many of the Defcon vendors donated stuff including Serepic, Sparrow, hackerstickers, nostarch and Hak5. Thanks for the vendor love. /-)

MohawkCon raised $2288 for is this year. We’ve seen how much work that is and those folks are really on their feet for long stretches. Thanks to Ed Word and the whole crew.

Overall it was an amazing year. Thanks to everyone who pitched in. We exist because you all support us!