I strongly believe that the work of the hackerspace must continue, even without someone to act as a full-time manager/steward for the dedicated space. So I’ve decided to try an experiment and begin training our Computer Training Center (CTC) Staff in some of the technologies previously offered at the hackerspace, and hopefully they can, in turn, begin teaching other students.

I’m starting with three basic courses which will include robotics (with the Edisons) and electronics (with Littlebits and Arduino).

I’m encouraged by the staff’s progress so far, but I fully realize that most of this technology will require someone dedicated full time to learning (and teaching) the courses. Our staff is hard working but they are dedicated full time to functional courses (in topics like Office, Adobe, etc) which are more geared towards providing basic skills for jobs and advancing folks in their careers.

This is an experiment for right now, but one I am so far encouraged by.

Here are some photos of the first orientation classes with Littlebits.