It’s been a busy couple I weeks since Defcon. Here are some highlights.

The board insisted I update my laptop while I was in the US. I was leery at first because tech isn’t cheap but i relented. I’m glad I did because I hadn’t realized how much frustration my laptop was causing me nor how limiting it was.

Now that I have a little breathing room on my machine, I spent some time putting it to good use:

I Installed VMware Fusion (which has really improved over the years)
Installed Kali Linux and all the great free (with new laptop purchase) Apple Apps like Pages and numbers (thanks to a $114/30gb/month Internet package)

I migrated all my documents from my old machine

I installed Evernote because iCloud sucks and is really confusing and impossible to manage. 

I reconnected all my email and social network accounts, migrated my photo library to an external disk and extracted only my most listened-to music (to save space). 

I really am thrilled about the laptop. I hadn’t realized how much I needed the space and the horsepower. I really want to be a good steward of it. 

I spent some time on a few back logged repairs including a drive recovery for some local mission orgs. 

Inatalled school software and apps for the kids. This was especially exciting thanks to equipment donations I brought back from Defcon. I also used our Internet package to download MOOC content for the kids. 

I spent a day and a half helping Serving His Children with a leather project they were working on. Cutting straps isn’t  glamorous work but it’s what they needed and it helped them out and it for me back into the shop which I missed. 

I spent a day getting our leather order from a new tannery. This is a big deal because we’ve been waiting for nine months for leather and finally gave up on our old tannery. The new leather is gorgeous.. By far the best I’ve seen from Uganda. We bought 940 square feet-our biggest purchase by far at $2,256 dollars. We were only able to do this because of selling out our leather at Defcon. 

Prepared cameras for the training center (thanks Brian and Val!) as well as a RACHEL and GCF builds. Clients are requesting installs and before this recent amazon purchase we haven’t been able to have a full SD copy (safe, write-locked) at the center. I also started building some chromebooks for the center and cleaned up our chromebook build. 

Jen and I spent two days on some custom leather orders for a new client. We did a large journal and two cell phone cases. Johnson also did a bottle. The client is a fan of dragons and wanted a custom case for his Vertu. Yes. We made a case for a Vertu. It was cool. I hope it fits and works well. 

Photos to come. Here’s a preview: