Most of you know the continuing story of our friend Zack, who we’ve been helping spread offline education repositories all over Kenya. Well Zack doesn’t have a background in technology and even though he’s learning fast, he’s needed some tech backing.

Enter Bonface. He’s a techie from Soy Kenya who’s offered to work alongside Zack to spread RACHEL and create community learning centers all over Kenya. I asked Bonface to introduce himself to us:



My name is Bonface musilwa. am Cisco certified network associate certified in 2008 have also done IMIS diploma exams in 1999 and Kasneb CICT exam in 2005. been in Tech support for over ten years. my passion has always been computer networking and that’s why I took Cisco exam. I met zak when he come to my workplace to ask if he could install Rachel which I happily did. Zak also happens to be my neighbor around soy. I learnt from my experience with Cisco exam that were it not for videos online I wouldn’t have passed and that’s why am really touched with Rachel n its potential to add value to education. Had wished to pursue networking further but got limited on resources. Anyway thanks for your concern I will installing Rachel until its fully appreciated in western Kenya.

Bonface did a great installation at Wareng High School Eldoret. He says:

In Wareng i installed rachel as a web server on the teachers computer with a static ip address so that it doesn’t change.The school has a working LAN so any computer on the LAN can access rachel by simply typing the ip address of the teachers computer on the browser bar.

I had to install chrome on the computers coz they had old Firefox.
Am still getting acquainted with taking photos so kindly bare with me if they arent as clear as we would wish also the lab had too much light coming in and affected the photos. Also want to say that the teacher was the most coperative had worked with since i started installing rachel,he even gave permission to troubleshhot computers not accessing the web server as he gave the admin password

We’re really excited about Bonface’s work, and we’ll continue to support him in his efforts any way we can. Way to go, Bonface and Zack!