Food Program

AOET‘s program in Webuye Kenya is growing rapidly. Their child sponsorship program is starting to take off and even unsponsored children’s medical needs are being taken care of. However, many unsponsored children are still suffering because their medication is not effective without proper nutrition. AOET can simply not afford to feed every unsponsored child.

That’s where the Hackers For Charity food program comes in. Proceeds from every Informer subscription, donations from the Donor Cloud and all the royalties from sales of my No-Tech Hacking book support the “Food for Work” program in Webuye, Kenya. Nine dollars ($9) provides 16kg of maize (dried corn), cooking fat and spices, which is enough to feed one child for one month.

Children also participate in a small work program, in which they receive kale (greens) seedlings. The seedlings are planted into the maize bags (filled with dirt) and after watering and tending the plants grow and produce kale, which is very high in nutrients and tastes wonderful. The chutes from the kale plants can also be transplanted to create more kale plants. The gardens last for years and feed many families, regardless of whether they own land. These are called “kitchen gardens”. So far we have fed hundreds of children through this program.

Here’s a video describing the program:

Here are some photos from our recent food distributions:

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