Nestled in the hills of Njeru near Jinja in Uganda in East Africa, the AOET Rehaboth Secondary School is a sight to behold. Overlooking beautiful Lake Victoria, it’s easy to be swept away by the beauty and the majesty of the area. But there’s something even more majestic about what AOET has accomplished through the years, and the Rehaboth High School was a good example of AOET’s forward-thinking plans for the marginalized people of East Africa.

That’s why, when AOET approached us with their plans for the school in 2006, we jumped at the opportunity to assist them with the computer lab in Njeru. After four years and tens of thousands of dollars invested by HFC, we made good on our promise to provide a state-of-the-art computer lab to match AOET’s vision. Sadly, it was more than AOET could handle. More after the break.

Although electricity and Internet remains troublesome at the site, we’ve begun our work there, providing 20 brand-new desktop systems and 18 brand-new DELL Vostro 1000 desktops (provided by Praxis Engineering and Proteus Technologies). The systems are loaded with NetSupport School software (which provides stunning classroom and teach organizational and presentation services) and Deep Freeze (which ensures the systems remain free from viruses and configuration problems).

Update: This school project was cancelled, and the equipment reclaimed. See this link for the details.